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Grow With KP

Hello and welcome to Grow With KP, a blog dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace healthy lifestyles and thrive. Through this platform, we'll explore gardening wisdom, discover plant-based dining options, savory recipes, embark on transformative travel journeys, and delve into wellness lifestyles.

The launch of Grow With KP marks an exciting milestone for me, as I've nurtured the idea of creating this blog for over a decade. Finally, breaking free from the chains of procrastination, I've prioritized my passion and aspiration to contribute creatively to the wellness space. It is my sincerest hope that my blog serves as a wellspring of motivation, encouraging you to overcome your apprehensions, pursue your dreams, and embrace the endeavors that bring you immense joy.

Lettuce Live, Community Garden, Garden Consultant
Therapeutic Gardening - Lettuce Live Community Garden

Photo credit, Terry Thomas Photography

Get To Know Me

Here, you'll find a glimpses of my life, sources of happiness, and insights that I believe can enrich your own journey. With a plant based diet spanning a quarter-century, I prefer to evade labels and simply identify as a conscious eater. As the world's culinary landscape evolves, it's heartening to witness the growth in options for those embracing vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and pescatarian lifestyles. In line with this, Grow With KP will curate exceptional recipes and recommend establishments that champion wholesome eating.

In the pockets of time I carve out for myself, I enjoy indulging in learning, podcast listening, and therapeutic gardening. Nature's silent symphony in my backyard never ceases to amaze me, offering a front-row seat to the wonders of God's creation. Additionally, I'm deeply passionate about connecting with diverse cultures and backgrounds, fostering a tapestry of experiences. For me, Japanese spas epitomize self-care, providing a sanctuary to rejuvenate and restore.I marvel over a pair of exquisitely crafted sunglasses, and delight in herbal teas or a refreshing cold beer after a rewarding day in the garden.

Cat-eye sunglasses
You could never have to many high-quality sunglasses

A typical week finds me engaged in a kaleidoscope of outdoor activities, ranging from bike rides to fishing, qigong, kayaking to yoga, and even moments spent tending to the horses in my neighborhood.

In Closing

If you're seeking a wellspring of gardening inspiration, healthy recipes, insightful travel tips, and outdoor excursion guides, I invite you to embark on this journey of growth, wellness, and self-discovery through the pages of Grow With KP. To enjoy our visual journey, don't forget to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel, found at @GrowWithKP.

See You In The Garden,


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