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New Year, New Beginnings

 It's a new year, and I'm thrilled to kick it off with you. In 2024, my commitment is to provide you with consistent and inspiring content. I aim to help you grow the foods you love, embrace healthy living, and empower you to turn your passions into profitable ventures.

Through my blog, Grow With KP, I'll be sharing valuable gardening tips and insights to support your gardening and agriculture endeavors. Additionally, I'll introduce you to some of my favorites, including unique eyewear, plant-based meals, and engaging podcasts that I've personally found inspiring and informative. It's my way of reminding you that there's a real person behind Lettuce Live and Grow With KP.

Reflecting on the past year, I dedicated time and resources to enhance my speaking skills. One of my key goals for 2024 is to find more opportunities to discuss topics like "Building Sustainable Community Gardens" and "Creating Profitable Small Scale Farms & Gardens."

I'm also excited to announce this Spring we'll be recording new episodes of Live From The Garden. Until then, every week we'll be releasing seasons one and two on our YouTube channel (@GrowWithKP). This show takes you on a journey through beautiful backyard gardens, farms, and inviting outdoor green spaces, all with the aim of inspiring you to get outdoors and start growing. If you're interested in showcasing your green space to our viewers, please send your inquiry to Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on the latest Live From The Garden episodes.

Before I go, I'd like introduce Peaches & Herb, the Muscovy ducks I recently acquired. They are two of the cutest ducklings, and their story is quite remarkable. Rescued from a swarm of vultures, they've developed a strong bond and their chirps sound like a beautiful love song when they're reunited. In just a month, they've doubled in size, started growing their true duck feathers, and begun waddling like mature ducks. I'll keep you posted with more heartwarming stories and adorable pictures.

In closing, while 2023 may have had its challenges, we made it to 2024. Let's declare this year, we'll enjoy an abundance of goodness and prosperity in every facet of life.


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